Better public engagement

Traditional live public hearing followed a two-week-long public hearing that takes place online prior to the meeting night  

How it works:

  • Create video presentations of the staff and applicant presentations, which are simply screen captures of the presentations with voiceover to post on Brampton.ca two weeks prior to the public hearing  

  • Recorded videos a PDF of the government staff report, various maps, and other materials related to the case  

  • PowerPoint has a feature that allows you to record one slide at a time, so need to do any post-production, memorize or perfectly deliver presentations  


  • Removes the time & space constraints of publics hearings conducted at City Hall  

  • Citizens don't need to attend a weeknight hearing to have a voice in the process  

  • Citizens are able to ask questions of and receive responses from both staff and applicants — all from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer  

  • People with children, jobs, commitments, or simply competing priorities can weigh in on issues they care about on their own schedule from their own home   

  • Citizens can post their public comment for members of the Planning Department  

  • Public comments are displayed publicly on the website, along with a tracker indicating how many Commissioners read each comment, and legally become part of the public record  

  • At the live hearing, Council has the benefit of having reviewed additional comments prior to the meeting, can ask questions & request changes that result in better decisions & projects  

Cities that have already embraced this: