Easy & Temporary Ways to Dress Up a Rental Like You Own It

Saturday Nov 11th, 2017



Easy & Temporary Ways to Dress Up a Rental Like You Own It

Jason Loper


Just because you don't own your apartment doesn't mean you can't dress it up, cover the not-so-pretty parts and give it your own personal touch. Here are some ways you can bring temporary personality and style to your home...


• Unsightly old counter tops can temporarily become granite with Appliance Art's Instant Granite. Similar to Contact Paper, the peel and stick Instant Granite can be applied directly over old counter tops and pulled back up when you're ready to move again.


• Overhead lighting in apartments can be seriously hideous and unflattering. Check out Lighting for Renters: 10 Sources for Plug-Ins for better options.


• Landlords love their white paint but it can make for a very bland apartment. Put some pattern on those plain white walls with these Modern Removable Wallpapers.


• Sprucing up your outdoor space can make it feel like you've gained an extra room. Cover up plain Jane patio floors with SnapDeck Deck Tiles.


• Pottery Barn's Stainless Steel Back Splash can bring a new, shiny look to even the most outdated and bland kitchens.


• Bring a bit of your own personal history to your space. Do-It-Yourself: Stylized, Blown-Up Family Portraits are easy, affordable and will truly make the space your own.


• Appliance Art also offers Instant Chalkboard and Instant Stainless for covering up old appliances and cabinetry.


• Dali Decals offers a Set of 72 Bubble Decals. Use them to create a random pattern on a large wall in your rental space.


• Put your stamp on your new apartment before you even walk through the front door with a monogrammed doormat.


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