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If you want to save your time so all you have to do is pick 5 properties to view in the span of a few hours simply let us know what you’re looking for & we'll get to work right away on finding rentals that match your criteria & notify you when we have a match.

If haven't given notice yet to your current landlord you probably won't get many notifications until approximately 1 month before your target move-in date. Available properties are usually vacant, which means that landlords are looking for someone to move in quickly not two months or 1 month down the road.  But this is a great time for you to get your paperwork ready before you start looking for an apartment.

Your job is to complete the rental application in full & send it back to us  along with your job letter, & full credit report (no screen shots) for each occupant listed on the rental agreement. We pride ourselves on working paperless which makes the process that much easier. Don't worry if you're not computer savvy we’ll help you complete your application.

When you’re ready, we’ll schedule showings for your top 5 properties, accompany you to each of the listing appointments, provide tips & give unbiased feedback on anything & everything. Our work doesn’t stop once you find the perfect place! We’ll review all the lease terms and financial obligations with you, to ensure you’re comfortable with every detail, and negotiate terms for you, until your application is accepted. Once your application is accepted & your rent deposit received you’ll get your keys and move into your new place.

We’ve helped hundreds of renters find a wonderful place to call home. Check out our reviews on google. Put your rental search in the hands of an expert REALTOR for renters & relax knowing that we’ll be handling the details.

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