Municipal Violations

I will put forward discussion items and request staff look into updating Brampton's dumb & ridiculous By-Laws:  

Don’t buy roadside items such as ice cream 

Don’t play or keep sports items on streets

Parking 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. prohibited 

  • Park on even side Mon. Wed. Fri. 
  • Park on the odd side Sun. Tues, Thurs. 
  • Any vehicles not parked on authorized side are ticketed (May-Oct.) or towed away (Nov. - Mar). 

People can't live in an accessory structure 

  • This restricts affordable housing choices for singles and seniors as it increase residential density without dramatically altering the morphological pattern​.  

Pet Licensing (Cat & Dog) 

  • Fee should be collected from vets & remitted to the city for this cash cow to work successfully. Instead of going door to door to verify pet licenses we should make better use of By-Law enforcement & crack down on:

  • Owners who don't keep their pets on a leash  

  • Stoop and scoop 

The Secondary Unit Task Force 

I will request staff look into
ncreasing administrative penalties
By-Law enforcement for the following:

  • Blvd. maintenance (Section 5 of By-law 121-90) (By-law 401-2007) 

  • Clear snow by 11 am day after snowfall 

  • Congestion pricing in & around schools for parking on street 

Cities leading by example: Winnipeg, MB

  • Idling 

  • Open-air fires are not allowed 

  • Oversized motor vehicles* cannot be parked or stored anywhere on a residential property (including the driveway) 

  • Park accessible parking space on street/no permit 

  • Park interfering with snow removal and/or winter maintenance 

  • Park obstructing sidewalk  

  • Parking on the front lawn 

  • Posters & signs on lamppost and yards 

  • Storing damaged or partially working items items such as vehicle parts, discarded furniture and appliances, construction material, animal waste, & debris on your property 

  • Trailers or boats cannot be parked or stored in a front yard (including the driveway) or exterior side yard* 

  • Through traffic – blocked signalized intersection 

  • Weed Cutting  (Section 5 of By-law 121-90) (Bylaw 401-2007) 

I will request that staff look into
updating penalties for the following:

Park on private property (townhouse & apartment visitor parking) 

  • Current: $40.00

  • Proposed: VOID if violation is not posted on cities website for payment within 48hrs of infraction

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