My Position

In my particular situation, the City was three weeks delayed entering the violation into the Cities database so I could pay the violation. As a result I was penalized an additional $10 for late payment on top of the $40 set fine. For the record, I am responsible for parking in visitor parking while visiting a friend between 2am & 6am.

The same day I received the violation on my windhsield I made two attempts to pay:

  • i) immediately when I walked in the door
  • ii) later that evening
  • iii) the second day
  • iv) the third, fourth
  • tenth day

The grace period ended I believe on the Dec. 15th & my schedule got the best of me & I forgot to check again until Dec. 18th. I assumed since the City was negligent in posting the infraction on the website that a grace period would automatically be applied. WRONG!

I received a notice in the mail in early Jan., 2018 & took immediate action as I was irritated & wasn't going to pay the extra fine. The court clerks were unable to assist me in getting an appointment to discuss the matter as the system doesn't allow them to book future appointments if the grace period has lapsed.

I had to tweet on Brampton's twitter page to get a manager to book me the appointment & solve everything only with then help of the social media coordinator. In the end the audjudicator asked me "what I felt was fair?" I was going to say for $0 but went with "$15" & that is what I got the ticket reduced to. 

The point is this revenue tool is costing the city money not making money as best it could:

  • Outsourced Contractor $$$
  • Municipal staff who entered into computer $$$
  • Stationary (paper, ink, & stamp) to send to my residence
  • Provincial Court House Clerks $$$
  • Municipal staff who monitor twitter page $$$
  • Municipal manager who magically got me an appointment $$$
  • Adjudicator who reduced my fine $$$
  • Stationary (paper, ink) to print receipt at court house
  • My time $$$ X 10​

Total Revenue: $15

How many others have experienced a similar situation? LOTS OF YOU! The cycle repeats itself & sometimes the City gets $0 as the court throws out the violation & other times the city wins & collects the fine.

The system needs to be fixed & a deep analysis needs to be performed of their staffing & workload needs, removing the unnecessary and focusing resources on the most productive actions. 

Each task that the city and its staff perform should be listed and put into at least three different categories:

  • Those things that are mandated by the Provincial & Federal Gov’
  • Those things that are required by City Council or another public body
  • Those things that are done exclusively for the staff
  • Once this task list is assembled, there can be a productive discussion about what tasks should continue, which can be cut, which can be reworked and then how the workload should be distributed
  • Only then can an informed decision on the needed level of staffing be made

Check out the sunshine list