Complete Streets


Traffic & Congestion 

Cyclist & Pedestrian Safety 



Health Care 

Stigmatized Reputation 

Cities leading by example






Housing Affordability

If the average household income is $94,000 why are we building subdivisions that people can't afford to buy homes in?


  • Based on firm YTD transactions entered into the TorontoMLS system between the first & last day of the month/ period being reported

  • Townhouse Condominium includes monthly maintenance fee of $110

  • Condominium apartment include monthly maintenance fee of $795

  • Monthly mortgage from BMO.com

The market is demanding vibrant, diverse, sustainable, walkable urban places. The solution?

Missing Middle Housing Type

  • Duplexes, fourplexes, bungalow courts, mansion apartments, & live-work units 

  •  they need to be built within an existing or newly created walkable urban context 

  • smaller-unit sizes can help developers keep their costs down, improving the pro-forma performance of a project, while keeping the housing available to a larger group of buyers or renters at a lower price point 

  • these units should provide no more than one off-street parking space per unit  

  • helps developers maximize affordability & returns without compromising quality by providing housing types that are simple & affordable to build 

  • creates community through the integration of shared community spaces within the types, as is the case for courtyard housing or bungalow courts, or simply from the proximity they provide to the community within a building and/or the neighborhood  

  • very close in scale and provide a similar user experience (such as entering from a front porch facing the street versus walking down a long, dark corridor to get to your unit) to single-family homes, thus making the mental shift for potential buyers and renters much less drastic than them making a shift to live in a large mid-rise or high-rise project 

Say NO to a Land Transfer Tax in the 905 


Reform building code


  • Housing supply & demand 


  • Removing housing red tape 

  • Updating zoning by-laws 

  • Housing options for all ages & abilities 

  • Multigenerational 

Cities leading by example

Rooming Houses & Second Suites



Downtown Brampton

  • Brampton placed too much emphasis on greenfield development at the expense of the downtown core

Economic Vitality

Projects we can't afford

Downtown Brampton 
Ryerson University 

Property Taxes

Reasons for uncompetitve property taxes

Unnecessary spending 


Cities leading by example


What we need to ban


Income equality 


Residents with poor credit that can't get application accepted for a lease agreement 


What we need

  • Identify every pothole, manhole, cracked, & uneven road & fix it 
  • Create new contracts or find new contractors that work in the best interest of the city & that reflect our true Canadian winter climate November - Mid May 

Harold St. - April 2018 - Three days after snow fall sidewalks not cleared

Traffic Congestion

Temporary fixes

Long term solutions

  • Look for ways to influence land use patterns so that people don't have to travel as far 
  • If we could figure out ways to enable shorter trips and less travel, we’d have happier citizens 


What we need

Service to new areas