Remove Zoning Roadblocks

If the average household income is $94,000:

  • Why are we building subdivisions that people can't afford to buy homes in?

  • If the Planning Act says site plan approvals are supposed to take one month but site plan approvals take, on average, 18 months

  • Why didn't the master plan developed 20 years ago take this into consideration?

To a large degree, it makes more sense to focus on today’s problems than to try to plan for the distant future. We don’t know what kind of innovation we'll have in 2030, but we know what problems we face today. If we don’t solve those problems, they will only be worse in 2030. By planning for 2030 instead of solving today’s problems, we are really not planning at all.

Throw out our parking requirements

  • Allow on-street parking everywhere, and use parking meters as needed to limit on-street congestion in high-demand areas. Let the market figure out the off-street supply and demand balance.

Don't permit greenfield development when existing infrastructure is highly underutilized

  • As long as there vacant lots or abandoned buildings, there’s no reason to issue building permits for new infrastructure. 

Require buildings to front the street

  • That means no parking lots in front of buildings
  • The ground floor has to be inhabitable
  • Parking can be beside or behind the building
  • Front door that lets pedestrians enter the building directly from the street / sidewalk

Dramatically simplify your zoning

  • Throw out the entire zoning ordiences as they're surely horrible
  • Replace it with just four zones: Heavy Industrial, Mixed-Use, Restricted Residential, & Restricted Agricultural / Natural
  • It is in the interest of all involved to find economically viable and beneficial ways for big box land uses to coexist either temporarily or permanently

Dramatically simplify your traffic hierarchy

  • Instead of several different tiers of Arterials, Collectors, and Local streets, try just these three: Major Expressway -> Minor Highway -> Shared Space

Stop building stroads

  • Build streets as platforms for wealth creation and oriented towards people; build roads as high-speed, limited-access connections between productive places. Nothing in between

Set a maximum block perimeter of 2000' and enforce it

  • This is enough to allow blocks of 800x200’, 600x300’, or 500x400x. Create a master street plan for new development to follow

Enable Missing Middle Housing Types in our comprehensive plan

  • Set up a system to allow appropriate zoning tools for walkable urban & driveable suburban areas
  • Form standards for ADUs
  • Different rules for different context
  • Identify context type, then create regulations for each type
  • Remove FAR
  • Streamlined process with appropriate zoning regulations
  • Adjust impact fee based on context (greenfill vs infill) & size of unit
  • Work with utility companies to do the same
  • Build support system for incremental developers
  • Enable small footprint density
  • Directly allow building types
  • Regulate max. building footprint
  • Do not cap density
  • Do not treat all unit sizes equally
  • Allow more smaller units inside same building form
  • Require less off-street parking for smaller units
  • adjust impact fees for smaller units
  • Consider treating a 650sq.ft unit as half a unit
  • Encourage blended densities
  • Make new walkable communities legal

Fire anyone on staff who believes the above is unworkable

  • If the city staff don’t think this is possible, then we need new staff