Road Maintenance

137 Steeles Ave. W.

Sinking manholes on local & regional roads

The Region of Peel is responsible for the maintenance of the following roads in wards 3 & 4:​

  • Dixie Road

  • Queen St. / Embleton Rd.

  • Steeles Ave.

  • Kennedy Rd.

  • Mavis Rd.

  • Main Street/Queen St. East - Porterfield Road​

Recommended Solutions:

  • The Region of Peel doesn't have an online tool to report the potholes & cracks that they can' t keep up with on regional roads

  • The City of Brampton on the other hand does for the local roads it's responsible to maintain but much like the Region can't keep up with the failing infrastruture

  • I will put forward a discussion item and request staff look creating ONE reporting channel for residents to report maintenance issues on Brampton's roads & start a task force to maintain the roads we have before building any new ones

Photo credit: Toronto.ca

Lets try this:

Winter road maintenance

April 2018 - Four days after snowfall sidewalks were never cleared on Harold St. 

Recommend staff investigate possible enhancements to the current contract when it expires:

Proposed standard:

Plow streets when a single storm results in:  

  • Current: 7.5 cm/ 3 inches

  • Proposed: 3.75 cm/ 1.5 inches + of snow

Maintain municipal roads and sidewalks within:

  • Current: 24 hours
  • Proposed: 8 hours after the end of a snowfall

Cities leading by example:

Markham, ON