Stop burning money

Brampton Beasts Bailout 

$1.5Million ($500,000 a year) “sponsorship” package for privately owned Brampton Beast hockey club, over 3 years against staff report recommendations. 

Source: Bramptonfocus.ca

Brampton City Hall 

$930,000 for renovations to city council chambers & to deal with HVAC concerns. 

$1 Million to renovate  six offices on the 6th floor cost.  

$650,000 for significant renovations to four (4) additional offices that would take up to five months to complete.  

Total Renovation cost: $2,580,000. 

Source: Bramptonfocus.ca

The West Tower at City Hall

  • the City of Brampton paid $205 million for a 126,000 sq.ft. office tower (over $1619 ps.f.) which didn't include a main branch library, a police sub-station or any other amenities. 
  • Councillors have approved $200,000 towards a new fitness centre in the West Tower. 
  • The City of Brampton has saved more than $4.4 million through energy conservation but would have saved more if someone would have turned out the lights every night when construction was completed but occupancy delayed due to lawsuit.​ 

  • A $28.5-million lawsuit has been filed against the city alleging there was staff misconduct in the handling of a $500-million downtown development deal 
  • Almost $1 million in penalties that could have been charged to Dominus for the late occupancy date were excuse. 
  • Another $230,000 is requested to cover unforeseen events such as a flood and trucks hitting and damaging an overhang. 
  • Councilors have short memories as the last City Hall project was initially estimated to cost around $16,000,000 but ACTUALLY cost almost double that — approximately $32,000,000. 
  • Then, a short while after it was built, a request for hundreds of thousands of dollars came to put a clock in the auditorium and replace the auditorium seats with ‘better’ seats and to buy art work for the building. 
  • Council awarded a near million dollar contract to prepare the ground floor of the George Street building for a new restaurant tenant that has bought the lease. 

Source: Brampton Guardian

Façade and Building Improvement Grant program saw the completion of approximately $2.7 million worth of investment, including the recently opened Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill and Bar, Carve on Lot 5 and A Taste of Mediterranean. 

Hurontario-Main LRT

slated for completion by 2022

Regional Councillor Michael Palleschi who managed to derail the preferred route after introducing a motion months ago to have councillors engage in what turned out to be a costly (estimated $75,000) and futile facilitation process for the mayor and her key supporters. 

Source: Brampton Guardian

$4.4 million environmental assessment study (from an emergency fund) expected to take three years to complete, to study two alternative LRT routes that had already been rejected for good reasons in the transit planning process.   

Council’s ‘no’ vote sends the money from the city’s General Rate Stabilization Fund back to the province’s general infrastructure pot. 

Why this is a good thing

The provincial Liberals committed $1.6 billion to building a new, 23-kilometre mass transit system (How)? As of March 31, 2018, the Ontario government's total debt is projected to be CDN$348.79 billion.  

Source: Brampton Guardian