Traffic & congestion

  • Instead of building lanes, we need to be building corner stores
  • We need local economic ecosystems that create jobs, opportunities and destinations for people as an alternative to those they can only get to by driving

  • If we develop a system that responds to congestion by creating local options, we will not only waste less money on transportation projects that accomplish little, but we will be strengthening Brampton's finances

Short term fixes that accomplish little:

  • Display right-turn green arrow with a red light* 

  • Extend the all-red phase by 2-5 sec. to allow intersection to clear​ 

  • Municipalities calming traffic with Roundabouts in lieu of traffic signals include:

​Bolton, ON 

Carmel, IN 

Normal, IL 

  • Simultaneous left-turn green arrows rather than flashing green light and/or arrow at an intersection while oncoming traffic still faces a red light*

  • Short traffic signal cycle lengths of 60–90 seconds with a minimum WALK time of 7 seconds​ where pedestrian scramble is not appropriate

  • ​Stop intentionally skipping the left-turn green arrow at intersections with separate traffic lights for left-turning traffic*​ 

* where appropriate & necessary

We can spend way less & get way more

in return with these solutions

Disincentive driving so other modes become more convenient

Promote a culture less focused on the automobile:

Road Diets

  • Converting the existing five/six lanes into three/ four 

  • Create lanes for parked cars

  • Two-way bike lanes

  • Crosswalks

  • Some cases they create congestion & delay

  • Some cases they divert traffic to other streets 

  • Overall they improve safety!

Cities leading by example:

Figure out ways to enable shorter trips and less travel

Influence land use patterns so people don't have to travel as far