Urban Transit Projects

Here are some "small bet" projects that can make a serious dent in Brampton's urban transportation problems 

Shorter signal cycles to process movements more efficiently & maximize the usefulness of the urban-transit-projects signal priority system  

Dedicated transit lanes

  • Transit vehicles run adjacent to the curb
  • Passengers board and alight directly from the sidewalk
  • Curbside stops so pulling out of traffic is unnecessary
  • Red colored paint should be applied to deter drivers from using it
  • Transit signal priority wherever feasible

Protected Bike Lanes

  • Bollards used as temporary installations
  • Can be made permanent in the future if successful

Mid-block crosswalks

Where passengers must walk a long way between traffic lights to cross to the bus stop (ie. near 195 Kennedy Rd) pedestrian safety islands reduce the exposure time experienced by a pedestrian in the intersection 

Downtown Terminal Jaywalking

  • Even though the signalized intersection of Main Street and Nelson Street/ Theatre Lane located less than 30 metres away to mitigate jaywalking conflicts providing an additional staircase to GO’s train platforms on the west sides should be considered as Northbound Zum stop is located on the east side of Main Street
  • The current location may increase the number of rear-end accidents and may contribute to intersection operational problems due to buses blocking lanes during peak periods
  • Relocation of the stop further north should be considered if the opportunity arises

Connect the places people live, their destinations, work or play via direct routes that reflect travel times of a car or close to it:

  • Between Brampton Transit Hubs
  • Airport Corporate Centre
  • Kipling Station
  • Meadowvale Business Park
  • Premium Outlet Mall
  • Square One
  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre 

Provide service to newly developing areas so passengers don't have to walk in excess of 30min to urban-transit-projects stop which is evident in the following areas:

Mississauga Rd & Mayfield Rd 

Mississauga Rd & Wanless Rd 

Creditview Rd & Wanless Rd 

Creditview Rd & Mayfield Rd 

Chinguacousy Rd.  & Mayfield Rd 

Chinguacousy Rd.  & Wanless Rd 

Dixie Rd & Inspire Blvd  

Increase frequency 

Zum or select routes should be 24 hours 

Enhanced late evening & weekend schedules 

Make it easier for people to connect

11/11A Steeles should stop inside of Bramalea GO 

Convoluted routes that waste minutes

Poorly-timed transfers between two popular routes